Earigant SP Otic Cleanser (2oz)

$ 20.70


Earigant SP is a proprietary formulation of stable chlorine dioxide complex in an aqueous base, used in the management of otitis externa in small animals caused by bacterial and yeast (Malassezia) infections. The product is available in a 2oz (60 ml) plastic squeeze bottle with a dropper dispenser. The product is used for cleaning, irrigating and direct application in the topical management of otitis. Other ingredients added to the formulation include water, a surfactant, glycerin and carbamide that assist in cleaning the ear, reduce irritation and promote healing. Earigant is water-based and does not build up an oily residue in the ear.


EarigantSP Otic Cleanser: Water, DioxiCare Chlorine Dioxide Complex (chlorodioxy urea), glycerin, sodium caprylyl sulfonate